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Operators could be buy R6 Credits

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Ubisoft's attempt to make the Rainbow Six Siege Credits


game more accessible for newcomers has taken a huge leap ahead with the launch of R6 Academy: an instrument to help players understand in all levels of play, driven by neighborhood content creators.


It is not unlike how games like Dota two crowd-sources guides through the Steam community, but it is an independent hub that is discrete from the sport, Uplay, or even any individual platform. This is intended to be of use to all Siege players, whatever they play it on.

Videos can be sorted by whether they are for novices and veteran gamers. There is also a voting system in place, to help identify which the neighborhood videos which. But it does not seem like which maps and operators could be buy R6 Credits


filtered nevertheless, meaning it may prove hard to find decent guides on particular, less popular areas of the game in the long run.

Significantly, R6 Academy is accepting moderation and attribution quite seriously, allowing individuals who produce content for the sport to be correctly credited for their work, irrespective of who submits it to the site. Moderators are also being used to ensure all articles posted matches the service's purpose of becoming an educational tool for Siege gamers -- meaning no troll movies, frag montages, humorous moments, or whatever else that could impede discovering the information players want.


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