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Will be available over the Buy fortnite materials

fortnite materials Fortnite items

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The game's creators have set up $100 million for an esports championship prize pool to the game, which will be driving even more gamers to give it a go.

Fans are now able to download a new pair of year 5 skins, courtesy of this Fortnite Battle Royale team.A recent time 5 leak revealed a plethora of fresh skins were being ready for launching by Epic Games.And the Fortnite items


very first of these new layouts can now be found at the official Fortnite thing Shop.The legendary Magnus skin is currently available to purchase, breaking up a hefty 2,000 V-Bucks.

But while the new Viking look is guaranteed to prove popular with those hoping to stock up on new year 5 skins, there is another item that may be even more popular.The Forebearer Axe includes a certain Thor vibe going for it also has a bigger price tag attached.For those considering catching the new harvesting tool layout, it is going to cost 800 V-Bucks, having not been ranked a mythical item.

These brand new Fortnite year 5 skins and Viking equipment will be available over the Buy fortnite materials


upcoming 48hrs prior to being replaced with more information from Epic Games.As the development team notes whenever selling decorative items, this new gear will not supply any kind of bonus in a Battle Royale game.


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