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This time he didn't jump NBA 2K18 MT Coins

NBA 2K18 MT Coins

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This time he didn't jump over him. He grabbed the ball from the spinning mascot and NBA 2K18 MT Coins went for a 360.Everyone was expecting a power forward like Gordon to struggle to be as theatrical or flashy as most guards are, but he proved us all wrong by combining his otherworldly athleticism with plenty of flare. After that fantastic dunk, he upped the ante. He jumped over.


Stuff again, like he did in the first round, but this time he went up so high he could go under his legs before dunking.Any other year Gordon would have won on those two dunks, but LaVine stood in his way. After getting a perfect score on his first dunk of the final round, he combined grace and power in his second one, going for a windmill from the free throw line, a dunk no one but him could land.


With that dunk Lavine tied the score and the two contestants had to go two more rounds before LaVine emerged victorious on this dunk: LaVine is a worthy winner, but this dunk contest will be remembered not only for his feats but also for Gordon's fantastic performance.


Andrew Wiggins really wanted to shine during NBA All-Star Weekend, but this isn't quite what we were expecting. He looks more like a rock star than an All-Star. Look out, Russell Westbrook. Wiggins might be catching up to you. He could be another addition to KISS. Maybe he's auditioning to be the third member of Daft Punk


Technically, Aaron Gordon lost the 2016 Slam Dunk contest. Apparently, they're not allowed to Buy NBA Live 18 Coins take a chainsaw, hack the trophy in half and say two people won the contest. So after Gordon and Zach LaVine threw down eight straight perfect dunks in the final round, earning four identical pairs of 50s, LaVine's incredible improvised fifth dunk beat Gordon's incredible improvised fifth dunk.Technically Gordon lost, but he threw down some of the most unbelievable dunks the contest has ever seen.


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